Working with PhotosynQ: Open/Close Start Feature

Does it seem like your MultispeQ measurements are taking too long? You heard each measurement should take 15 seconds but you feel like it is taking almost a minute? There is a simple and easy solution!

One of the most common issues that users of the MultispeQ v1.0 are reporting is that their measurement time has dramatically increased when using the “Leaf Photosynthesis MultispeQ v1.0” protocol, taking up a minute to finish. What the heck is going on here, are all these devices lagging or broken? No! In fact this issue is due to a new command we introduced into the protocol.

Before, when you wanted to take a measurement in the field, you would probably answer project questions on your phone, clamp the leaf using your MultispeQ, and then hit measure in the app. It would take 15 seconds, and everything was great, so why did we change this order of operations? Well, there was always a delay from when you hit measure to when the actinic lights turned on, during which time the leaf begins to dark adapt.

Now, we have added an open/close start command that it is really cool and will hopefully make your measurements easier. The open/Close start is now at the beginning of the protocol code, because it happens before anything else. Utilizing the magnet in the MultispeQ, we are able to detect when the devices clamp is fully open, and when it closes. Using this, users are now able to fill out their project questions, hit measure, find their leaf, and then clamp the leaf just like you normally would. The difference? Now the actinic light turns on, and the measurement starts as soon as the MultispeQ senses that the clamp is fully closed.


Another advantage of this feature is that it provides you with the option to hit measure, set the phone down, and use two hands to make sure you properly clamp the leaf. This can be especially useful when it is difficult to properly clamp the leaf, such as with small leaves.

If the device does not detect that the clamp fully opened and then closed, it will wait for 30 seconds and then automatically start the measurement. This means that if you clamp the leaf and then hit measure, the measurement will seem to take 45 seconds. Also, if you are hitting measure first, then clamping the leaf, and it is still taking 45 seconds to complete a measurement, take care to make sure that the clamp is closing completely.

Hopefully this clears up some confusion about best measurement practices and will help you get out there and up your data production. We here at PhotosynQ are cooking up bigger and better things for the next round of firmware and protocol updates. We are hoping we can mimic the ambient light through the PAR sensor and shine that from the device before we clamp so the leaf will never begin to dark adapt, pretty neat! Stick around for these updates.

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