Make Faire wrap-up and updates

Maker Faire wrap-up

Phew… 48 hours normal hours and 24 standing-on-your-feet-talking hours later and Maker Faire is over. We met hundreds of people, got to use the MultispeQ about 200 times (good opportunity to test the heck out of it), saw lots of other awesome projects like Manylabs, Nerds for Nature, Fusion, Pinoccio and others, met some good potential partners, and got editors choice aware (see picture)!

Yay a ribbon!

I could go on about a lot of aspects of the Faire, but my favorite part was the sheer number of ideas people about what to do with a MultispeQ. For example:

“Hey, could you stick this thing on a drone” (a very common one, people want to stick everything on a drone nowadays)

“You should sell these things to Lowes so they can check the quality of their nursery stock as they come through the door, so they can reject bad plants that may, visibly, still look ok”

(from developer at Pinnocio) “What if you put a plant on a wheeled robot, and as the plant became stressed the robot moved it to higher or lower light – it’s like bionic limbs for plants!!!”

“What if you could measure toxins with it? Then, you could crowd-source identification of plants which are particularly good at absorbing toxins from the ground to use for environmental remediation”

(and many many others)

Still have lots of follow up to do, but overall it was great.

It seems friendly… but those girders are made of children’s bones!

In other news — 15 units have shipped! …

2 fully assembled, and 2 boards only. We use the bare boards for environmental measurements only.

We have shipped 15 units to Costa Rica, NYC, Mexico, Kansas, and even Malawi! They have all been hand assembled, which is a serious effort (takes about 1 day to assemble and test 1 unit) so we don’t really want to go full steam ahead until we have the pick and place machine up and running. That’s on the docket for this week. Once that’s complete, we should be shipping much faster.

Next time we’ll go more in depth about the online analysis tool, the data collaborators have collected so far, and maybe some data on new measurements we’re working on.

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