Progress Update – boards,

News highlights

  • Purchase pick and place machine for in-house circuit board assembly – will arrive within 2 weeks
  • Ordered final circuit boards (170, 2 boards per device) – will arrive in 5 business days and we can start hand-assembling at that point
  • Chrome app, android app, and website all in basic working order
  • Chlorophyll fluorescence and SPAD (chlorophyll content) up and running (NDVI just around the corner), and temperature, relative humidity, CO2, and light intensity (with PAR filter so it’s measuring only photosynthetically active radiation or pretty close) also working
  • Previous design was a complete power hog (160ish mA)… now we have an auto-shutdown feature and low power mode to increase battery life, and switched to standard AAA batteries with battery holder on the device.


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